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valentine menu

for pick up February 11th - 14th

pastry lover's breakfast box
curated to celebrate our love of pastry. this gift box includes:

a chocolate chocolate croissant (chocolate viennoiserie dough & 2 bars of Valhrona chocolate), a raspberry croissant (red & white viennoiserie dough with a raspberry filling), a heart shaped seasonal danish, and a strawberry roll (buttery viennoiserie dough, housemade strawberry jam AND strawberry sugar on top). 4 servings

triple chocolate cookies
a chocolate lovers dream, the triple chocolate is a soft chocolate cookie exploding with milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate chunks then covered with sprinkles, pack of 6

valentine sugar cookies
if beautiful cookies are your love language, then these are the cookies for you. delicious sugar cookies individually decorated, perfect for your sweetheart, pack of 6

chocolate chunk cookies
always a classic, this cookie is loaded with the best chocolate! pack of 6

shortbread sprinkle bites
delicious buttery bite size shortbread cookies with rainbow sprinkles inside and sugar outside. your valentine will LOVE them. New packaging means you get MORE COOKIES

coconut macaroons
a bag of 10 gooey coconut macaroons dipped in chocolate ready for gifting, always AMAZING & gluten friendly

red & white blondies
decadent raspberry and white chocolate blondies, pan serves 9

flourless chocolate cake, small
individual 4" flourless chocolate custard cake dusted with a powdered sugar heart. boxed and ready to give to your Valentine. gluten friendly. serves 1-2.

flourless chocolate cake, large
the perfect size for sharing this 9" fudgy flourless chocolate cake says I LOVE YOU to the whole family! Serves 6-10

matilda chocolate raspberry cake
our famous moist chocolate cake with raspberries on top. 2 layers of cake a layer of chocolate filling and chocolate frosting topped with raspberries, 6" serves 6-8

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