celebration cake 

at Matilda bakehouse, everything is made from the highest
quality seasonal ingredients. we thoughtfully craft all of our cakes, cookies, pastry and desserts in small batches, from scratch.
we love what we do and we want that love to shine through in everything we bake. 




yellow funfetti cake with fluffy vanilla buttercream


vanilla bean cake with your choice of vanilla buttercream or chocolate buttercream


lemon cake with lemon frosting and raspberry jam


no nut carrot cake with tangy vanilla bean frosting


moist chocolate cake with chocolate filling and chocolate frosting


fudgy flourless 3 layer chocolate cake with raspberry jam and chocolate frosting (GLUTEN FRIENDLY) 

size & base price:


$ 3. to $4.

6" cake serves 6 - 8

$ 36.

8” cake serves 10 - 12

$ 48.

10” cake serves 14 – 18

      $ 65.      


wedding cake 

CONGRATULATIONS and thank you for considering us on your big day!!

our wedding menu includes more flavor and size options than above. it also includes several dessert table options. if you're interesting in learning more,  please email us for our wedding menu at info@matildamke.com

we do a limited number of weddings each season to ensure that everything is perfect for your special day! please reach out to us early to start a conversation about how we can make your cake perfect!


our custom decorated sugar cookies start with a delicious cookie base. the shape and design can be completely customized to perfectly match your event. final pricing will be based on size and design

base price:

decorated sugar cookie

$  3.5


  • all celebration cakes (except the flourless chocolate raspberry) have 4 layers of cake and 3 layers of filling and frosting

  • all cakes are round

  • all cakes and cookies are made completely from scratch using the highest quality ingredients

  • cupcake minimum is 12 per flavor

  • custom cookie minimum is 12

  • cakes and decorated cookies are custom made, payment is due a minimum of 3 days in advance. all orders are final. wedding cakes will have a different payment structure outlined at the time the order is placed

  • final pricing may differ from "base price". final price is based on your final design

  • we do not work with fondant

  • custom orders must be placed/finalized 3 days in advance and are considered final at that time

  • custom orders are not returnable / refundable

  • delivery may be available in the Milwaukee area for an additional fee

inquires & orders

To place your custom order, please contact us.
We'd love to discuss the details with you!

we are at capacity for the next couple of weeks.
ordering is closed
until Wed June 30th.
If you need a celebration cake we highly encourage you to place your order early.
thank you!!


matilda chocolate cake
matilda chocolate cake

sliced Matilda chocolate cake
sliced Matilda chocolate cake

4 layers of cake with frosting in between

mummy cake
mummy cake

for halloween fun

matilda chocolate cake
matilda chocolate cake



wedding cookies
wedding cookies

customized for your special day

puzzle cookie
puzzle cookie

thank you for a job well done!

wedding cookies
wedding cookies

customized for your special day