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welcome to Matilda bakehouse!


We are a small bakery combining the best local and seasonal ingredients, Midwest family recipes and French baking techniques. Our menu may be limited at first, but it will grow as we grow.

To those who don’t know me personally, I’m Allie. My pastry skills were learned at The French Pastry School in Chicago which follows a traditional French Master-Apprentice model. For the past 11 years I have worked in kitchens across the country, but mainly in my hometown, Milwaukee.  I’ve been the Pastry Chef in premier hotels, restaurants of all kind and most recently a bakery. 

A bakery has been my dream for years. When the opportunity came, I knew exactly what the name needed to be... Matilda. The name doesn't come from the luscious chocolate cake in the Roald Dahl book (although we do have an amazing chocolate cake - pictured here). The name Matilda has a much deeper meaning to me. It’s the nickname my grandpa called my mom when she was little. Then it became the nickname he called me when I was little. Now, he lovingly calls my daughters Matilda. Three generations of "Matilda’s" who are filled with creativity, spirit and might. It seemed the perfect name for a bakehouse because for me the name Matilda is the embodiment of family, love, comfort and strength. All of the most important things in life.

Everything we make is lovingly created FOR YOU from scratch. We hope it fills you with comfort and joy. We hope it puts a smile on your lips. We hope you love Matilda just as much as we do!

Please consider sharing the good news of Matilda bakehouse with others who crave something sweet, magical and joy-filled right now.


3 Generations of Matilda's