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Are you a lover of cookies?

Then COOKIE CLUB is definitely for you. Your monthly subscription will be beautifully packaged and hand delivered to your home each month. Inside your bag you'll find delicious, seasonal cookies that highlight the flavors and mood of that particular month. The COOKIE CLUB flavors are special limited edition cookies. 

COOKIE CLUB is a fun way to experience a vast array of small batch, hand crafted, artisan cookies each month.

frequently asked questions

Q:  How long is a subscription?

A:  Subscriptions are in 3 month increments so you can subscribe to 3 months, 6 months, 9 months or 1 year. The longer the subscription the more you will save!

Q:  How many cookies will I receive each month?

A:  Each month your cookies will come in a 3.75" x 8" tube filled with cookies. The number of cookies will vary each month depending on the shape and type of cookie. Some months you may get 12 round cookies, some months you may get cookie sticks or perhaps even a tube full of bite size cookie squares. The number of cookies will change, but the tube will always be filled.

Q:  I have some specific food allergies, can I still do


A:  Please contact us and we'll get a little more information from you about your specific allergy and the allowances we may be able to make.

Q:  Is this for the whole family? Will my children like the cookies from COOKIE CLUB?

A:  Yes, we think they will! We are all about family and cookie inclusion as we have 2 picky children running around who taste test everything we offer. Plus what child doesn't like a buttery, sugary, hold in your hand treat? This cookie club is not about weird and unusual ingredients, it is about delicious cookies!

Q:  I love this idea, when can I start?

A:  You can start any month of the year. Whatever month you start you will continue for the duration of your subscription in continuous months. For example, a six month subscription starting in February (1st month) will end in July (6th month)

Q:  When and how will I receive my cookies?

A:  Cookies will be delivered to your home on the third week of each month. Prior to delivery you will receive a reminder email with information about the specific cookie of the month, as well as, your delivery day and time.

Q:  Can I purchase COOKIE CLUB as a gift? Can they be mailed to family, friends or clients out of state?

A:  Yes, COOKIE CLUB makes a great gift! We had a few customers that wanted special gifts for clients and family so we developed COOKIE CLUB. Yes, you can purchase for those outside of the Milwaukee area, however, we can not currently mail the cookies for you due to the cottage baking guidelines that we follow. We're happy to discuss gifting with you if you have additional questions.

Q:  Why are the cookies in a cardboard tube?

A:  There are so many reasons we love our cardboard tube. first, they're clean, simple and beautiful. second, the firm tube will keep your cookies safe. finally, the tubes are 100% paper and designed to be reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable. Win, win, win!

Q:  How much is COOKIE CLUB


A:  You can do a tube of cookies with the monthly flavor for $30. but you may decide that you want to do a subscription of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months. The longer your subscription, the more you will SAVE.

3 months  =  $80.  ($10.00 SAVINGS) 

6 months  = $160. ($20.00 SAVINGS) 

9 months  = $240. ($30.00 SAVINGS) 

12 months = $320. ($40.00 SAVINGS)

Q: Can I try COOKIE CLUB without a full subscription?

A: Yes, you can purchase a COOKIE CLUB tube filled with the months flavor. It's a great way to give it a try. 

Q:   Count me in, where do I sign up?

A:  Go to the online ordering tab and scroll all the way down to the bottom. you will find that months flavor or you can subscribe to a   3, 6, 9 or 12 month option. Once you have placed your order we will be in touch with you to gather delivery information.

It's a good day for cookies!

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